What is metabolism?

Your metabolism consists of a network thousands of chemical reactions that are continuously going on within every cell in your body (roughly 40 trillion) generating energy, materials and information that keeps us alive. We often think of inheritance as the passing of information in the form of chromosomes from one generation to the next, yet, from the moment life blinked into existence the burning flame of metabolism has been also passed down from generation to generation like an eternal torch. 

Metabolism does far more than just generate energy, from one nanosecond to the next, it dynamically shuttles information through its whirling networks directly to our genes in order to maintain homeostasis and drive growth and repair networks critical to maintaining health. Indeed, the chemical motion of metabolism is the central feature that distinguishes the living from the non-living.

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Dr. Ron Hunninghake and Dr. Charles Meakin on metabolic health, lifestyle choices, and their impact cancer care. Listen here!

Why is “Metabolic” in our name?

Given the metabolism’s fundamental role in life it is not surprising that it also plays a central role in optimal health. Currently, there is a renaissance in the study and appreciation of metabolism’s critical role in health and disease. New research has uncloaked the pivotal role that metabolism plays in almost every disease process, from neurodegeneration, to autoimmunity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yet, a recent study has revealed that only 12 percent of American’s are considered metabolically healthy. 

The mission of Meakin Metabolic Clinic is to give metabolism the attention it deserves in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Our team at the Meakin Metabolic Clinic approach health care with the humble appreciation that the human body is a dynamic and flexible machine that has a remarkable capacity to self-correct when given right nutritional, environmental and pharmaceutical inputs.