Cancer Metabolic Optimization Protocol (C-MOP)

One of the questions that intrigued me since my medical school days and steered my career toward oncology was why one person with a cancer of a particular stage and type survives it, and another may rapidly recur and succumb to it. I recognize many physical, emotional, and spiritual variables that direct outcomes, and this question likely has many contributing factors.

One factor that is a known driver and under-addressed in our current care programs is one’s metabolic health. Metabolic health describes our body’s cellular efficiency in processing the inputs of oxygen, water, fat, and sugars into energy. Optimal metabolic efficiency enables the body to fuel many functions that liberate the body to improve the odds of successful therapies, a better quality of life, and quicker recoveries. Numerous studies are proxies for good metabolic health like nutrition strategy, exercise habits, body composition, and Body Mass Idex (BMI), certain metabolically acting medications, that correlate in extensive outcome analysis for better results with similarly staged cancer patients.

Other than the trite phrase; “try to eat healthily and activity as tolerated,” the standard of care community for oncology treatment, in most cases, minimally addresses health fundamentals when launching into cancer care. There has been a marked improvement in the last five years as various health advocates and the dissemination of information on the Internet have awakened people to this vital contribution to cancer outcomes.

The C-MOP program will help restack the odds in one’s favor to impact outcomes favorably. Results improved may mean possibly improving cure rates or median survival, time to recurrence, and recovery from treatment. Maybe just improve the quality of life while on treatment or when dealing with progressive disease.

The program is convenient and affordable, prioritizing the most likely successful supplements, repurposed drugs, and lifestyle changes while retaining flexibility. We achieve accountability through predictive laboratory values, and biometric measurements, and brilliant nursing support.

Cancer patients don’t need another city to fly to, an insurance company coverage debate, an expensive gadget or pricy clinic visit, or a new cabinet full of supplements or food products. My team and I have designed C-MOP to meet you where you are and integrate modest but relevant changes into your lifestyle. These minor changes and additions are delivered to you while you relax in your den chair or walk through your neighborhood with your earbuds. Unlike some large purchases or treatment initiations, one can stop the service anytime, and you have not “burned any bridges” or missed any opportunities. The program aligns with your standard of care. Metabolic optimization will stress the cancer cells most while supporting the normal cell function and recovery to attain the most significant therapeutic ratio or benefit.

Program Details

  1. Online or phone intake manager review (15 minutes)
  2. 3-month enrollment, medical consent, onboarding survey with or ($1050 – 20-minute survey)
  3. Predict Lab Panels ordered to your local Quest Lab Diagnostic Site following review (paid for by your enrollment fee – $1600+ retail value)
    • The full list of labs included in the C-MOP Program includes: Complete Blood Count, Complete Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, Hemoglobin A1C, C-Reactive Protein, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Magnesium Level, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Homocysteine Level, Vit D3 level, Uric Acid, Ferritin Level, Fasting AM Total Cortisol, Fasting Insulin Level, Sedimentation Rate, Vitamin B12 level, and Total Iron (Fe) and Iron Binding Capacity.
  4. Virtual meeting with a physician (paid for by your enrollment fee – $990) to review your cancer status, lifestyle pattern, biometric findings, and new lab findings focusing on metabolic drivers, inflammation, methylation, PhenoAge calculator, and critical organ function to develop a tailored plan (60 minutes)
  5. Our partnership pharmacy will deliver the repurposed medications ordered from the consultation and possible supplements to your doorstep within days. (Pharmacy cost not included in enrollment fee and will be collected by pharmacy directly and varies depending on medications but averages $50 to $150 per month)
  6. Appropriate lifestyle adjustment content will also be emailed to your inbox following the consultation.
  7. To optimize your plan and execution, three months of oncology nurse support through emails, phone calls, and zoom meetings deliver veteran insights by the Heal Navigator team who have years of experience in standard-of-care oncology, alternative therapies, cannabis, supplements, emotional well-being, and survivorship and more. (The RN support is unlimited and included in your enrollment fee for the quarter)

Repeat quarterly until optimized or shared discussion leads to stopping labs, RN support, MD visits, and many flip to more the prevention protocol (MD Predict Lab Panels and MD Review Metabolic Care Program) once one has been recurrence-free for 2-3 years, depending on the cancer subtype. This program is offered in 45 states where Dr. Meakin has a state medical license and is not intended to be covered by standard health insurance. MMC and HN will provide a master bill and receipt for the quarter ($1050) for the patient to submit for Health Savings Account (HSA) plan upon request. The yearly cost of the program, even including medications, is generally less than the copay on a single dose of modern chemo/targeted/immune therapy.