Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How Do I Get Started?

We have a detailed “Get Started Now” page; please visit the page and follow the steps to get started. Also, please explore our “Service Plans” page for more details about our services. 

What is the scope of services and coverage for Telehealth provided by MMC?

MMC offers metabolic and oncology expertise to serve as a sounding board for cancer patients with questions on standard-of-care and integrative approaches. We frequently recommend targeting key lifestyle goals and supportive metabolic approaches to impact general health and oncology care favorably. These often involve lifestyle modifications, supplements, and repurposed drugs are prescribed when needed in the 45 states where MMC has licensure.

What are my options if I live in one of the five states not covered by MMC or outside the country?

This problem comes up often, and for those who live in New Mexico, Alaska, Rhode Island, Delaware, or Hawaii, we suggest they try to set up their Virtual Consult in a family member or friend’s location in one of the 45 states we cover. For those in other countries, we set up coaching calls to discuss metabolic support for their cancer, knowing there is no option for prescribing pharmaceuticals or laboratory tests in their country. Once a good discussion occurs and we generate an action plan, they can take the information to their local physician and have a reasonable chance of initiating the proper prescriptions. One should still schedule through the MMC website as a Quick Consultation.

What Are Repurposed Drugs?

Repurposed drugs are medications originally developed and approved for treating specific conditions but are now being used to address different medical issues. This approach leverages existing drugs, which have already been tested for safety and efficacy, to find new therapeutic uses. The benefits of repurposing drugs include:

Faster Development:

Since these drugs have already gone through rigorous testing and approval processes, the time needed to bring them to market for new uses is significantly reduced.


Research and development costs are lower compared to developing new drugs from scratch.

Known Safety Profiles:

The safety and side effects of these drugs are well-documented, making them a safer option for new treatments.


Repurposing can uncover new ways to treat diseases, especially those that currently have limited treatment options.

Repurposed drugs offer a promising avenue for advancing medical treatments and improving patient outcomes efficiently and effectively.

I am on board with metabolic support to impact my cancer outcome; I am unsure how my local oncologist will respond. How do you suggest I proceed?

We always advocate transparency in sharing your medical interventions with all providers. Ultimately, you decide how to navigate this, and we understand that not all physicians think the same way or understand the nuances of support and treatment. This transparency is relevant, however, especially when looking at drug-to-drug interactions. Most patients are on some medications with a known interaction – given that the liver commonly processes all supplements and medicines to some degree, and kidneys excrete all byproducts of supplement and medication metabolism. Many patients take some of our repurposed drugs for general conditions, which does not raise a concern with the oncology teams.

What do I do if I have a problem with my metabolic protocol?

Many resources are available through the MMC website, the “How to Start Your Medications” link on the summary email, and the pharmacy team info at the specific pharmacy. Additionally, for those working with our care partner Heal Navigator , nursing support should be readily available. After reviewing these options, emailing for other necessary questions is also an option. Once again, MMC is to support your metabolic program and not a replacement for your general local medical care or oncology care.

Virtual Doctor Visit and Follow Up Visit

How often do I need a Virtual Consult with MMC for continued care?

The schedule of follow-up depends on the needs, of course, and some initiate a follow-up initially at one month and then stretch it out as they get into a steady state. In the background of cancer, we frequently try to use metabolically acting repurposed drugs for 18 to 36 months after remission is achieved.

If working directly with our care partner Heal Navigator, one can go to their website and reenlist at the proper interval (Start a conversation). If working only with MMC, one can go to the Service Page, initiate a Follow-up path, and schedule yourself when convenient.  

How do I reschedule with MMC for my next visit?

If working directly with, one can go to their website and reenlist at the proper interval (MMC/Heal Navigators – Start a conversation). If one is only working with MMC, go to the Service Page, initiate a Follow-up path, and schedule yourself when convenient.

If you are working with,you need to work through your nurse’s support to find the best quick and low-cost solution. Conversely, if you are working directly with MMC, it may be time to immediately Schedule A Follow-Up Appointment now through the service page on the website.  Generally, people can get on our schedule within a day or two, and we work on hours to make this happen to take care of our patients. 

Lab Work and Medications

What are the critical laboratory values when on some standard repurposed drug protocols?

The main issues to review are liver function stability, as seen in the ALT and AST. Other general measures of liver health include the albumin level, alkaline phosphatase, and more, but these former ones are our main measures. Within the complete metabolic panel (CMP), one can also review the stability of renal function by looking at the BUN and creatinine. We also ask patients to get a general complete blood count (CBC) to ensure their bone marrow function is safe to proceed, especially if they’re at risk from recent chemotherapy. This precaution is extra, as most of the repurposed drugs we commonly use generally do not impact bone marrow function.

Can I get laboratory work done through MMC?

For primarily the safety labs, we suggest avoiding additional costs and encouraging the patients to use their standard monthly labs with their local care program. We have more extensive programs such as MD Predict Lab Panels MD Review and Cancer Metabolic Optimization Protocol (C-MOP). These programs have comprehensive laboratory reviews done through Quest laboratory drawing centers closest to your home. These programs incorporate the cost of the labs and thus save the patient’s expensive walk-in retail rates for laboratory testing. We can add low-cost labs for existing patients in these services, such as tumor markers, food sensitivity programs, age calculators, insulin sensitivity testing, and more. These laboratory prices are much lower than any walk-in rate you can find and will incorporate the medical review at your next MMC visit. Please visit our Individual Labs page to view a comprehensive list of available labs.

Why can't I order and get labs through my insurance plan or a local doctor rather than prepay on the MMC programs that incorporate blood testing?

If you can upload the needed labs and prefer to go this route, using your current labs is an option. Generally, paying directly out of pocket will be 5 to 10 times more expensive than we offer, and sometimes, general physicians may want to order something less than the 16 tubes/labs that the Predict Panel incorporates.

How will I get my medications?

The medications are generally e-scripted into one of our two national pharmacies that cover your state. One is Pharmacy Solutions in Arlington, TX (817-274-0050), and the other is Care First Specialty Pharmacy  (856-267-0528) in New Jersey. These pharmacies compound and provide the best prices on various repurposed drugs and send them to you quickly by airmail. For non-compounded common repurposed drugs, we can send the prescription to your local pharmacy or suggest a low-cost wholesale pharmacy called Cost Plus Drugs by Mark Cuban.

Why can't I process my medications through my insurance plan or local pharmacy?

One of the more common repurposed drugs is mebendazole, which is prohibitively expensive at these standard pharmacies; therefore, compounding is necessary to make it affordable for daily use. The compounding pharmacies incorporate the traditional repurposed drugs in the same mailing package for convenience and organization for the patient to determine the proper way to take the medications. Using individual insurance plans and pharmacies directed by health insurance frequently leads to a detailed pre-approval analysis of repurposed drugs and off-label use. MMC strives to provide the lowest service cost, and we do not have staff to attempt to process it through standard pharmacies and insurance plans, which are highly time-consuming.

How long does it take for the medications to arrive?

Generally, patients get their medications two to four days after their Virtual Consult. We encourage the patients to call the pharmacy to provide the billing and address details to speed up the process. If using Cost Plus Drugs by Mark Cuban, one must register online to set up an account.

Oncology Nurse Support Through Heal Nevigator

Who is Heal Navigator?

Heal Navigator Is one of our clinical partners that provides virtual office staffing support and has a team of 7 to 8 oncology nurse Specialists with years of experience in integrative care. For those of our patients who would also like more hands-on nurse navigation, they provide the perfect fit.

How does signing up for Oncology Nurse Support with Heal Navigator benefit me?

Traversing the current healthcare environment, especially with a serious disease like cancer, can be challenging. Having a trusted partner at your fingertips with years of oncology experience and a physician at their fingertips Is a lovely option to help best succeed.

How do I sign up for nurse support with Heal Navigator?

The combined physician and nurse program is called Cancer Metabolic Optimization Protocol (C-MOP), and one can access it directly at either website. Nursing support alone without the physician is also possible through

I am an MMC patient but need more oncology nurse support; what are my options?

This scenario is precisely why we partner with Heal Navigator, which has a remarkable team of veteran oncology-trained nurses and can offer tailored supportive care virtually. If you are interested in connecting with the team at Heal Navigator or are trying to decide whether doing so is the right decision for you, Schedule a 15 Minute Obligation-Free Call with a Heal Navigator Patient Advocate.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Does your practice comply with HIPAA regulations?

Our practice is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. We take the protection of patient privacy and confidentiality seriously and adhere to all guidelines outlined by HIPAA to safeguard patient information. MMC provides a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, and records are shared via encrypted systems.

How we protect your information?

We keep your records in a HIPAA-compliant Google Suite and are working with an Israeli developer on a new customized and highly automated electronic medical record. After each visit, we use an encrypted email service to send you a summary and appropriate educational material.

Payment, Insurance and Refund Policy

Why Are Our Fees Structured This Way?

Our fees reflect the comprehensive services and expertise we provide. We strive to keep costs reasonable, despite significant expenses such as:

  • Maintaining 45 state licenses annually
  • Completing necessary CME requirements
  • High-priced telehealth malpractice insurance
  • Back-office staff for lab orders and record management
  • Website maintenance

Additionally, we offer ongoing education through bi-monthly news feeds on metabolic articles and a monthly blog with curated content. Our 35 years of experience in oncology and integrative healthcare add immense value to our services. Ultimately, our charges, which are on par with or lower than common household service costs, ensure that we can continue providing top-notch healthcare. Remember, your health is your greatest wealth, and everything else depends on it.

Do you accept insurance or Medicare?

We don’t accept insurance and Medicare. However, as part of our ongoing efforts to save on healthcare costs for individuals, a superbill incorporating the proper ICD 10 code and CPT code with all the other adequate information may be provided upon request and useful for those with an HSA account or flexible spending plan. This can be done retrospectively for those who forgot to ask for it during the visit.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a fulfillment policy. At MMC, we strive to deliver on our commitment to care and product offerings. We organized using automation and low overhead to enable the best value for laboratory and metabolic health services. We understand the challenges of traditional healthcare offerings and ask you to support our growth and learning as we shape the best products for your future care. We appreciate your trust in our program and respect your feedback and needs. Should you have a significant change in your expectations and needs and feel you deserve a refund, please notify us through, and we will refund you 75 percent of your fee. You can also discuss refund issues with your Heal Navigator nurse or patient manager. We generally use Zelle and will transfer the funds immediately or send you a check—the 25 percent non-refundable covers our credit card fees, staff time, and other expenses. We are happy to report less than 0.5 percent of requests for refunds.