Fulfillment Policy

At MMC, we strive to deliver on our care commitment and product offerings. We organized using automation and low overhead to enable the best value for laboratory and metabolic health services. We understand the challenges of traditional healthcare offerings and ask you to support our growth and learning as we shape the best products for your future care. We appreciate your trust in our program and respect your feedback and needs. Should you have a significant change in your expectations and needs and feel you deserve a refund, please notify us through, and we will refund you 75 percent of your fee. You can also discuss refund issues with your Heal Navigator nurse or patient manager. We generally use Zelle and will transfer the funds immediately or send you a check—the 25 percent non-refundable covers our credit card fees, staff time, and other expenses. We are happy to report less than 0.5 percent of requests for refunds.
Sincerely, MMC Team and Chuck