MD Consultation (40 minutes)
$350 New Patient/ $300 Existing Patient

This is the ideal starting point for many patients who don’t need a thorough laboratory investigation or supportive oncology nurse navigation. This rapid start opportunity allows patients to be onboarded with the 10-minute questionnaire to lay out  their health and medical history and upload any critical information for the 40-minute discussion. The patient will then be scheduled through the automated calendar system and select a time that works for them, generally in the Monday through Thursday timeframe. Most of the time, patients can be scheduled within a few days of their inquiry, and we always listen to urgent requests for weekend or after-hours visits.

The purpose of the HIPAA-compliant online platform and Zoom meeting is to focus on the status of one’s health or cancer and offer lifestyle suggestions, supplements, and repurposed drugs to favorably impact fundamental health drivers that also support one’s cancer
journey. Once a reasonable program is agreed upon through thoughtful shared decision-making, possible prescriptions will be sent to the appropriate pharmacy. The customer will also receive a HIPPA email summarizing the visit and any educational information needed following the discussion and agreed-upon goals. Please download the attachments immediately, as the email will ultimately disappear to protect patient confidentiality.

In an ongoing effort to save people healthcare dollars, a superbill that incorporates the proper ICD 10 code and CPT code with all the other adequate information may be provided upon request and be useful for those with an HSA account or flexible spending plan. This can be done retrospectively for those who forgot to ask for it during the visit.

At the end of the visit, one usually agrees upon a reasonable follow-up time of one to three months and the best service in the future. Frequently, customers do a second follow-up, and then when they’re in a steady state, they can upload their labs and interval status and get their
prescriptions renewed when appropriate with the lower-cost non-zoom review.

Some may ask why our fees are what they are, as many pay out of pocket. Our goal is to keep things as reasonable as possible. Still, we have yearly fees for 45 state licenses, the necessary CME to maintain those licenses, high-priced telehealth malpractice insurance, the back-office
staff to help organize the ordering of the labs and setting up the records, website expenses, and so on. The 35 years of ongoing oncology and integrative healthcare education also have value.  We also have set up a platform to educate with twice-a-month news feeds selecting the best
metabolic articles and a monthly blog with appropriate thought-out material. Ultimately, most of our service costs pay these expenses, and our charges are equivalent to or lower than those of the service people who come to our houses for simple repairs. Remember, your health is your
first wealth, and every other need hinges on it.