By Maggie Jones | International Journalist

“Dr. Meakin is a true healer who genuinely cares for each patient as an individual. After being diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC with mets in the brain (and everywhere else) in 2018, I was given a prognosis of less than a year. I’ve seen over a dozen oncologists across 3 continents and have never experienced more caring, compassionate treatment. 

While conventional oncology often feels like following a limited flowchart of options, Dr. Meakin applies the latest research and advances in treatment with a goal to help his patients even if recovery is against the odds. Best yet, he actually listens to and trusts his patients. I wasn’t supposed to see my 41st birthday. I’m writing this the day after turning 44, happier and healthier than I’ve ever been and looking forward to my next appointment and chance to consult with Dr. Meakin.”

Maggie Jones – patient of Dr. Meakin

By Janie | Patient of Dr. Meakin

“I met Dr. Meakin when I was introduced to him a few years ago. He actually called me off normal office hours and spent over an hour talking to me about my journey with cancer to date and what he hoped to achieve with an alternative protocol. It was a very personal touch and it was like talking to a close friend that cared about my overall success.

He used medical terms in a way that I could understand and explained things patiently to me. I was not used to this approach in the various doctors I had up to this point. In every subsequent call and meeting with Dr. Meakin, he always offered more than just the current treatments or medications for a more holistic approach to my well-being. He has so much insight and years of knowledge in the cancer field and I always felt very confident with the direction and guidance he provided. I am very grateful for having met Dr. Meakin and having him on my team of doctors.”

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"Having the warm and professional support of Dr Chuck and MMC through my cancer journey has been key to me being able to manage it with so much more confidence. It's so easy to feel alone or overwhelmed. Having someone who really gets it AND who also has helpful, science-backed ways to work with the cancer and all it brings is so special."


"Very grateful for Dr. Meakin's integrative oncology support to heal body, mind and spirit. Thanks to the re-purposed drug program he offers, along with coaching tips, compassion, and leading edge medical expertise, I'm enjoying a good quality of life and making solid progress. He is a good listener and that is a gift. His program also offers a cost effective way to track labs and obtain compounded prescriptions. I feel so blessed Dr. Meakin is part of my medical team. Always uplifting to meet with him. Highly recommend. 10 stars!"


"My consultation with Dr. Meakin was very informative. I learned so much about my health and Dr. Meakin explained everything very clearly. We established certain goals to achieve over the next 3 months and I feel confident as I begin the process."


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