Service Plans

Discover our wide range of carefully curated service plans tailored to enhance your metabolic well-being. Whether you’re focusing on optimizing your metabolic health with the C-MOP (Cancer Metabolic Optimization Protocol) or seeking in-depth insights with CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring), Meakin Metabolic Care has the right plan for you. We also offer the essential Initial Consult to kickstart your journey and the Follow Up to maintain your progress. Dive into our diverse service offerings below and find the perfect fit for your health goals.

Initial Consult and Follow-Up

Kickstart your journey or maintain your progress with our MD 30 minute virtual visit for review and repurpose drug discussion.


Meakin Metabolic Care is now proudly offering Individual Labs for your individual needs! In addition to the labs included in your Service Plan, you now have the option to request additional individual labs!

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
Includes the Following:
Onboarding Medical History Review Survey
Physician Prescription
Free Style Libre phone app recorder system
Two 14 day sensors
Email support
$ 250
Per Service
Predict Panel labs & MD Review
Extensive Lab Inquiry and Longer MD Review for Patients
Includes the Following:
Onboarding Medical History Review Survey
14 Predict Panel Labs ordered through Quest Lab done locally ($450 value)
50 Minute MD review and discussion
Does not include any supplements, coaching calls, prescriptions, or medications
$ 500
Per Service
Meakin Metabolic Care Stress Management
Video Series
6 Part Video Series
$ 50
One Time Fee
Oncology Nurse Support
Oncology Nurse Support with Repurposed Drugs
Cancer Metabolic Optimazation Protocol for cancer patients.
Included in quarterly fee:
Initial Oncology Manager Strategy Virtual Meeting
Predict Panel Lab package ($450 Value)
Initial 50 Minute Virtual MD Visit to review case and labs
Prescriptions for Repurposed Medications (drug cost not included)
3 months of Oncology Nurse Support with monthly dedicated virtual visits
Constant Email Educational Content
$ 950
Metabolic Optimization Protocol for non-cancer patients.
Included in quarterly fee:
Initial 50 minute MD visit
Labs every 3 months - Predict Panel ($450 Value)
Appropriate RX Meds each month
Core Five Supplements
Accountability Call Month 2 & 3
Educator Email Support
$ 850
Scan Shield
Supplement Program to mitigate radiation exposure
Scan Shield Program Highlights:
Onboarding Medical History Review
3 Day - 9 Dose Packs
5 supplements that have been shown to reduce measures of radiation injury in the most sensitive tissues
Will not impact the validity of your upcoming scan/test
$ 60
Starting at