Meakin Metabolic Care Stress Management

Meakin Metabolic is offering a 6 Part Video Series which introduces several science-based practices to lower your stress levels and help support your healing on your health journey. Get Started Now!

Welcome to the Meakin Metabolic Care Stress Management program! 

Dr Chuck and myself, Rod Francis, have designed this short series of videos to offer a number of science-based practices which can help support your healing on this health journey. They combine several types of practices, some of which can help build greater psychological resilience over time and a number of them will help you in those tough moments when your mind is a little overwhelmed and finding it hard to see the sunshine. 

You don’t need any previous experience such as meditation, as all the skills are simple and easy to grasp no matter what level of experience you might have. You can take them in order or jump in anywhere to start. We do suggest that you find a way to start building some of them as daily practices. A bit like going to the mind gym. Doing so will begin to grow your ability to feel less stress—even on the tough days; to be able to respond and make choices rather than just react; and in time will give you more ability to live your life more fully and with greater ease and happiness, no matter what the conditions. 

Plus lowering stress levels means our life-affirming systems such as the immune system are able to function better. Something we on cancer journeys need as much of as possible! And yes I am also on that journey with you. Here’s all your programs. Just click the button below and fill out your information to gain access.

  •  Program 1: Breathing practices for greater calm. Here you’ll learn a simple easy breath practice to help calm your mind in moments of stress and a mindfulness practice to incorporate into a routine.
  •  Program 2: Clearing the psychological space. In this I teach you a tool from Professor Eugene Gendlin known as Clearing A Space. It’s a science-backed method for getting a little mental room when you feel overwhelmed and unable to think clearly.
  •  Program 3: Kindness practices for a stronger immune system. Practices of kindness (often called Loving-Kindness) have been shown in multiple studies to lead to lessening of psychological and physical distress and to greater happiness and well-being. Here I teach you a simple yet easy practice to do so. 
  • Program 4: Body scanning to destress. This is one of the foundational practices in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program developed at UMass Medical School by Prof. Jon Kabatt-Zinn, one of my teachers. Learning it will add a wonderful easy tool to work with the mind and body on this cancer journey. 
  • Program 5: How to work with ruminative thinking. One of the biggest problems for us is the disaster prone nature of our thinking mind and the circular thinking spiral known as rumination. We can’t change our diagnosis but we can change how we think about it. Here you’ll learn how to do that.
  •  Program 6: Finding Purpose, Creating Cellular Healing. Having a sense of life purpose is energizing and motivates us to be proactive on our health and healing journey. Here I teach you a simple process to uncover and connect with that and also a meditation to build on the kindness practice and support healing in the areas that most need you.

We wish you great health, wellness and peace of mind.

Rod Francis and Dr. Chuck Meakin

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